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Soil supplements:

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Facilitates soil improvement

Ensures high water efficiency

Minimizes fertilizer and nutrient runoff

Protects plants from drought stress

Developed for agriculture and forestry

Agrobiogel, a biological hydrogel made from 100% wood, captures water during rainfall, gradually releases it to plants during dry periods, and provides protection against drought.

The natural
water storage

Planting a Tree
Agrobiogel in Wurzeln

Usage and Effectiveness:

Agrobiogel absorbs rainwater or irrigation water and releases it continuously to the plant over an extended period. This provides ideal protection for plants against drought stress and heatwaves.

Application rates for reforestation: 50-100 grams (depending on plant species and size).

As a substrate additive in nurseries: a maximum of 20 grams per liter of substrate.

Use the product as dry granules and mix it thoroughly with the surrounding substrate of the roots. Superficial application is not recommended! Depositing the granules on the surface has no positive impact on plant development.

Agrobiogel requires an initial watering (rainwater or irrigation) to activate its functionality.

Agrobiogel is not a fertilizer! Therefore, use standard fertilizers. While the use of Agrobiogel can reduce fertilizer requirements, it cannot replace them.

Application throughout the entire season is possible but should be adjusted to the climatic conditions and plant development.

Data and Facts

Particle size: > 90% between 0.5-4 mm

100% organic soil amendment, based on lignin

Can absorb water (rainwater or irrigation water) and thus retain moisture in the root zone

After 5 years, Agrobiogel still maintains an effectiveness of approximately 80% in the soil.

Biodegrades within approximately 10 years, breaking down into humus

pH stable: 4-9, less susceptible to salts

The stored water is continuously available to plants, regardless of soil type and soil temperature

Biological water reservoir (1g Agrobiogel can store approximately 10-15g of water)

Agrobiogel Nahansicht

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Discover more about the benefits of Agrobiogel and make your forestry practices sustainable.

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