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Sustainable Growth Sleeves:


The environmentally friendly
choice for sustainable forestry

The ARBOTRADE growth sleeve revolutionizes forestry with its sustainable and environmentally friendly design. Made from the award-winning bioplastic ARBOBLEND, it not only provides effective protection for seedlings but also significantly contributes to reducing microplastics in the forest.

Overview of benefits

| Protection against wildlife browsing

Biodegradable and equally effective as conventional products, our growth sleeve reliably protects against browsing by wildlife.

| Microclimate for optimal growth

The closed form of the growth sleeve creates a microclimate that promotes the vertical growth of seedlings.

| Sustainable cycle

Completely biodegradable, the ARBOTRADE growth sleeve creates a closed and sustainable loop. Its decomposition yields non-toxic biomass.

| Free of microplastic

Our growth sleeve does not generate microplastics. In forest conditions, it is fully decomposed by microorganisms, leaving no harmful residues.

| Environmentally friendly delivery

Space-efficient delivery makes transportation environmentally friendly and efficient.

| Long-term protection

With a lifespan of at least 4-5 years, our growth sleeve provides reliable protection for seedlings.

| Straightforward usage

Delivered in a space-saving manner, our growth sleeve is ready for use in seconds, thanks to easy folding – without additional tools.

| Bioplastic ARBOBLEND

Made from the award-winning plant-based bioplastic ARBOBLEND, our growth sleeve provides an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional materials.

Learn more about the benefits of ARBOTRADE growth sleeves and shape your forestry practices sustainably.

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