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The recent years in Germany have been marked by heat and drought, resulting in failures in forest plantations. In response, the interest group 'Gesunder Wald' was formed in Waldbrunn, Odenwald, in 2021. This commitment led to the founding of the Deutschen Bodenhilfsstoff-Gesellschaft mbH in 2023.

We advocate under the motto 'United for a healthy forest' to support forest owners, nurseries, and forestry enterprises with innovative planting strategies, soil amendments.

Our goal is to conduct research and pioneering work, restoring the image of a healthy nature to the forests. Our sphere of influence extends not only to the D-A-CH region but also includes regions in the African continent as well as the Middle East.

Deutsche Bodenhilfsstoff GmbH Team

f. l. t. r.: Matthias Krug (Founder), Prof. Gibson S. Nyanhongo (Inventor & Patent Holder of Agrobiogel), Erich Münch (Founder), Jürgen Heisner (Founder), Thomas Haas (Founder)

Forest Path

Waldbrunner Höhe 8

69429 Waldbrunn (Odenwald)


Deutsche Bodenhilfsstoff
Gesellschaft mbH





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