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United for a
healthy forest

In collaboration with forest owners, nurseries and forestry enterprises, we globally advocate for a sustainable and healthy forest through innovative soil supplements.

Team of Deutscher Bodenhilfsstoff Gesellschaft

In 2021, 'Gesunder Wald' was founded in Waldbrunn in response to the forest soil's dryness. In 2023, the "Deutsche Bodenhilfsstoff-Gesellschaft" was established. Globally, under the initiative 'Together for a Healthy Forest,' we promote nature with innovative strategies, especially in the D-A-CH region and around 20 other countries, including Africa and the Middle East.

Our company

Nature Background

Our services

Our passion lies in the development and marketing of innovative products that are not only effective but also environmentally friendly. These products not only provide a sustainable alternative but also contribute to your company actively participating in environmental conservation.

Soil Supplements

Agrobiogel, a natural hydrogel derived from wood, effectively absorbs and retains water, cutting irrigation expenses by up to 40%. It transforms barren soils into fertile grounds, fostering the sustained well-being of plants through a gradual release of nutrients.

Biomass substrates

The Biomass Center offers high-quality, environmentally friendly products made from local materials, ensuring natural garden care, and making an active contribution to environmental protection through strict quality standards and inspections.

Growth covers

The ARBOTRADE growth sleeve revolutionizes forestry with its sustainable and environmentally friendly design. Made from the award-winning bioplastic ARBOBLEND, it provides effective protection for seedlings and significantly reduces microplastics in the forest.

Forest Path

Waldbrunner Höhe 8

69429 Waldbrunn (Odenwald)


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Gesellschaft mbH





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Deutsche Bodenhilfsstoff-Gesellschaft mbH
German Soil Supplement Company

We look forward to hearing from you and are available for inquiries, information, or simply a friendly exchange. Feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Waldbrunner Höhe 8
69429 Waldbrunn

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